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Total goal`s scored by all football teams in a specific league, divided by the number of teams

Team Total goal`s Nubmer of team`s Score
1 SERIE A 11562057.8000
1 LIGUE 1 10482052.4000
1 BUNDESLIGA 9281851.5556
1 PREMIER LEAGUE 10242051.2000
1 PRIMERA DIVISION 9532047.6500

most goals Premier League

Team Goal`s
1 Manchester City 83
2 Manchester United 73
3 Totenham Londyn 68
4 Liverpool FC 68
5 Leicester City 68

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Premier League

Bundesliga, Ekstraklasa, Primera Division, Bayern, Borussia, Manchester, Juventus FC Barcelona, Real, Madryt, Spartak Moscow Legia Warszawa